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stellauysweddingphotography21 pastelbridesmaiddresses1 ribbonthrowingexit softbridallooks stella-uys-wedding-photography weddingatflorenceguestfarm weddingdancing3 weddingkiss1 weddingpartyideas2It all started at our house on the hill. I was young then and I love starring at the window and looked on the cars that passed by our street. And one sunny morning, I was doing my usual sightseeing when a red car passed by and I saw a cute boy sitting at the backseat. He was also looking outside the car’s window and had happened to gaze upon me for the moment. We were later informed that they were going to be our new neighbors and little did I know that this simple would turn into a romantic bond that will last for a lifetime.
I met Greg when I was 10. He was a lanky 13 year old boy who always gets my attention. I don’t know what makes him tick. Was it the way he dressed? Was it the shiny retainers he used to wear? Or was it his swagger? We eventually became friends and soon after he revealed to me that he also had a crush on me. The feeling was also mutual and to make the long story short, we ended up being boyfriend-girlfriend all throughout high school and college. He was my first and only love.
It didn’t take long for him to ask my hand and get married. I of course, had given him my sweet yes and soon after, the planning took place. We opted to have a ceremony at woods. Being a nature-lover myself, I always wanted to do something important in life and be close to nature at the same time. And so we set our location at a nearby forest and planned for the other details thereafter. He let me do my thing and I’ve decided to have an eco-friendly wedding. I made sure all the details have a eco-friendly appeal from the wedding invitations, decorations, food, and even my wedding gown. My bridal gown in particular, was made of durable and environment-friendly materials. I got it from a premier bridal store online.
The big day arrives and everybody was anticipating a romantic moment. I was very nervous and excited at the same time and all I can think of was being thankful that finally I’m about to marry my one true love. The ceremony went well and all the guests were in a happy mood. We took our pictures at the forest and everybody was pleased for the green sceneries all around. It even gets better at the reception because that was the time when all the guests have loosen up and had a really great time. Everything seemed perfect that day and I’m forever blessed to be wed to the only man of my life.
It’s very rare to end up with your first love. I just happened to be fortunate. Nowadays, Greg and I are happily married for 2 years now and even if sometimes things get rough I’m still thankful for having him in my life. Now we are starting to build our own family and move back to the house on the hill where it all started.

Story told by Kathleen

The Bride’s Giveaway Bouquet

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And the Bride Wore Wool

This UK shepherdess designed her dress and had it created with wool from her own flock. It’s not quite my cup of tea, but I still think it’s done beautifully. The new Mrs. Fairburn looks like she could have just stepped from the pages of a fairytale! You can read the entire story herearticle-1205007-05FC29C8000005DC-532_634x363

Orange Themed Wedding In Griffith Woods

One Love Photography was again able to do a great job in covering this orange themed wedding celebration which was set in the California woods. It was as bright as the coral-infused shades (which we really love), a playful theme (which also adored), and a team of skillful vendors giving out their best behind every images. This team includes wedding details and organizing by A Saavy Event and the wonderful orange flower arrangement courtesy of the PoppyStone Floral Design which makes this woodland wedding truly a magnificent event. Click here to see the pictures.


4567891011121314151617181920212223From the Bride… One of the joyous moments we experienced as a couple happened while being silly on doing usual things. We discussed whether we want to have a wedding or elope. We had a lengthy discussion over this topic, but it turned out that we both want to get married and get things right. We envisioned a wedding that is laid back, comfortable, and something that will represent “us” as a couple. We found Griffith Woods to be the perfect place for the event. This redwood grove clearing immediately caught our attention and we knew it’s the ideal spot for us to tie the knot.

We then started the weeding planning and we have decided to pick on the things that we both liked (example: We’re both into 80’s music so we hired an 80’8 band for the wedding). We met with the organizers and we told them about our vision of a whimsical and casual affair that’s full of vibrant colors. We trusted that they could deliver what we want and I’m glad that they did! And when we talk about the logistics of that day, we decided to proceed with want we want and do away with other aspects. The wedding was not supposed to be a formal event but more of a casual affair where all of our friends and loved ones could get along and have a good time. It also meant that my brother had to perform the marriage ceremony and Collin’s brothers would have to take care of the reading. These are the elements that made our wedding very special. Moreover, being casual also meant to be okay with mismatched items such as imperfect writing on the escort cards and the place cards.

We were happy to maintain the casual nature of the wedding along with all the imperfect details. All of these made our woodland wedding a bit silly and whimsical as what we have imagined it to be. And it all the more became the ground set for a sincere and joyous celebration that all of our loved ones have enjoyed.

While we were looking forward to have a blast at the wedding, we did not expect that this entire weekend would be filled with embarrassing moments. But at the end of the day, the whole event went great and it remained a wonderful celebration of love, family, and friends. It would be impossible to leave the element of fun at these times. So my advice to you is pick a few of your preferred ‘must-haves’ on your wedding and avoid overdoing all of the details. There are no rules to follow, just your heart. Listed to what it has to say and you’ll be able to gather all the things that you really need to make this occasion the way you ought to be. After all, if you and you’re groom are beaming with smiles then you can already say that you had successful wedding.

Photography: onelove photography | Dress: Vera Wang | Bridesmaid Dresses: The Green Guide | Jewelry: Kate Spade | Event Coordinator: Brittany Westerman with A Savvy Event | Hair and Makeup: Brush Salon | Groom’s Attire: Ermenegildo Zegna | Cake and Cupcakes: Sift | Ceremony and Reception: Griffith Woods | Floral: PoppyStone Floral Design

Will you be my bridesmaid?

“Would you please do me the honor of being my bridesmaid?”An honor, yes. But a great responsibility with a hefty price tag as well. A good friend will more than likely be thrilled at the request to be in your bridal, and be more than happy to help however she can, but do remember that she does still have a life outside wedding planning and a few bills to pay other than the one she’s going to have for a new dress and shoes.

Before you start handing out jobs and poring over designer dresses, think about the ladies in your bridal party and where they are in life. A single friend with a six-figure job isn’t going to find it hard to shell out for the the latest Vera Wang concoction, but she probably won’t have much time to set aside for helping you hand-tie ribbons onto 300 votive holders, either. On the other hand, your stay-at-home-mom and best-friend-who-just-graduated-from-college bridesmaids may love to help you assemble invitations, but not be able to afford more than a JCPenney clearance dress.

As you’re drooling over dresses and planning assembly parties, just remember to keep your ladies in mind. They want to help you have the best wedding you can. By thinking of their time and their finances as you make your decisions, you can help them help you.


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DIY Rustic Surf Wedding

LEAD-diy-rustic-beach-wedding-succulent-florals-and-surfboard-inspiration-michelle-sullivan-knotty-bride“So where can I start my story…

Let me take you back to the day before the wedding. I was undeniably prepared for the ceremony. All the outfits were ready and the last thing that was needed to be taken care of was the nail appointment. I was ready to pick the sister of my fiancée. She went inside the car and immediately handed me a sippy cup without saying anything. She too had her own sippy cup and I wondered why she gave me this. I was simply overwhelmed with all of the preparations for the wedding so I decided not to ask her for this.

While we were both on the road for our nail appointment, I took a sip from my sippy cup and then it hits me.

Well whataya know?! It’s margarita!!!”


r+jwedding-13r+jwedding-331rustic-beach-surf-wedding-michelle-sullivan-knotty-bride-blog_009rustic-beach-surf-wedding-michelle-sullivan-knotty-bride-blog_011 (2)

This is how Randi, our bride for today started out her wedding story. I like the girl and I love her wedding for everything was done at this day and it went to infinity and beyond.

From the Bride… I can truly say that my wedding day is the by far the best day I had in my entire life! I gave out everything at this very occasion in the hope that this day would turn out to be a joyous, relaxed, comfortable, and fun moment that was way beyond I have ever dreamt. So where can I start my story…


Let me take you back to the day before the wedding. I was undeniably prepared for the ceremony. All the outfits were ready and the last thing that was needed to be taken care of was the nail appointment. I was ready to pick the sister of my fiancée. She went inside the car and immediately handed me a sippy cup without saying anything. She too had her own sippy cup and I wondered why she gave me this. I was simply overwhelmed with all of the preparations for the wedding so I decided not to ask her for this.

While we were both on the road for our nail appointment, I took a sip from my sippy cup and then it hits me.

Well whataya know?! It’s margarita!!!

Thanks, to my would-be sister-in-law, I have broken the laws of drinking while driving, but what the heck! Then at the nail salon, my bridesmaids and I have all decided to get a little drink from the extra 5 minutes we had.

And then we showed up at the wedding rehearsal. I was a little tipsy. I was really feeling nervous, but I got even more relaxed when my brother came and brought a 30 pack of beer. And so it’s time to get the rehearsal going! It’s a good thing that we opted to hire a wedding planner because all I needed to do was give her my wants. Believe me, I got a little bit drunk and all I remembered was everything was starting to be like a circus. It’s a good thing that some of our groom’s men had managed to step up and continued the rehearsal from then on.

Tip 1: Do not obliged at your sister-in-law’s request to have little drink or try not to get drunk before the rehearsal in any case.

The morn of the matrimony came and I was so excited for this very moment! All the girls were on time and all we had to do was let our hair done. What I hope to be a stressed-free morning turn out to be something else instead.

. My friend/hairstylist did not have any idea about the kind of hairstyle that I want. I took us about 3 hours to do my hair, but the result was not what I wanted.

. My bridesmaids had a separate hairstylist and their hair did not turn good as well. So some of them had to be re-done or unpinned and it all their hairs still looked stunning in the end.

. Our makeup had to be retouched our hair took a long time to be done.

. My bra was not fit for my dress because of too much padding.

. My mom brought us some sandwiches and thankfully she did because it’s what kept us calm during the hairstyling.

Tip 2: Be choosy with the favors that’s being offered to you even if you’re in a tight budget. And always be prepared with your makeup kit and hair items, just in case.

All of our hairs were done and we headed straight into my father’s house. The wedding was about to be held at the backyard of his home. I was very impressed on all the decorations that my florist and some of my friends have done. The setup of the area included:

. Theme – Accents of blue with a hint of grey was all around the area. The backyard itself was already a beauty so I decided to lay low with the color details. There were napkins with single blue stripe, vintage glass floats in color blue, and glasses vases in cobalt blue hues which were made as centerpieces.

. Centerpieces – I was into the “beachy” stuff so we had lanterns, glass floats, burlap runners, and small wooden boxes filled with white and green flowers. It was cheap and simple and everything that we need to make this dream wedding possible.

Tips 3: Just learn to ‘let go’ on your wedding day. Trust all those people you’ve hired and let them do their job. Relax and you will truly enjoy your special day.


r+jwedding-29rustic-beach-surf-wedding-michelle-sullivan-knotty-bride-blog_012rustic-beach-surf-wedding-michelle-sullivan-knotty-bride-blog_0011rustic-beach-surf-wedding-michelle-sullivan-knotty-bride-blog_015rustic-beach-surf-wedding-michelle-sullivan-knotty-bride-blog_016rustic-beach-surf-wedding-michelle-sullivan-knotty-bride-blog_018first-look-wedding-sullivan (2)rustic-beach-surf-wedding-michelle-sullivan-knotty-bride-blog_020rustic-beach-surf-wedding-michelle-sullivan-knotty-bride-blog_022rustic-beach-surf-wedding-michelle-sullivan-knotty-bride-blog_023r+jwedding-36rustic-beach-surf-wedding-michelle-sullivan-knotty-bride-blog_025rustic-beach-surf-wedding-michelle-sullivan-knotty-bride-blog_027rustic-beach-surf-wedding-michelle-sullivan-knotty-bride-blog_028rustic-beach-surf-wedding-michelle-sullivan-knotty-bride-blog_026rustic-beach-surf-wedding-michelle-sullivan-knotty-bride-blog_029rustic-beach-surf-wedding-michelle-sullivan-knotty-bride-blog_030rustic-beach-surf-wedding-michelle-sullivan-knotty-bride-blog_032rustic-beach-surf-wedding-michelle-sullivan-knotty-bride-blog_019 (1)rustic-beach-surf-wedding-michelle-sullivan-knotty-bride-blog_038 rustic-beach-surf-wedding-michelle-sullivan-knotty-bride-blog_039 rustic-beach-surf-wedding-michelle-sullivan-knotty-bride-blog_037 rustic-beach-surf-wedding-michelle-sullivan-knotty-bride-blog_019Photography:Michelle Sullivan Photography/Florist: Amber Bromiley / Wedding Dress:The Green Guide/ Caterers:Green Acres / Cake: Heather Miller / Hair:Onyx Salon, Sherman Oaks / Makeup: Dennise Esposito fromOnyx Salon in Sherman Oaks

DIY Hydrangea Bouquet

I’m planning on using just hydrangeas for my wedding bouquets, so I figured I could handle DIY-ing them. A quick internet search and I found this fabulous tutorial. The instructions are clear and simple and the photos are gorgeous.681ead36c85a963f172dda8ab02b92ac 

The Bride’s Giveaway Bouquet

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